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ESL Premium Course

Clients will work on applying learned knowledge in their previous course to more related situations. They will work on linking, blending, and assimilation of sounds in connected disclosure, as well as appropriate tone, stress, intonation, pitch, and rhythm. The purpose of this course is to increase the student’s confidence in daily speaking and conversation so that he/she is more easily understood by native English speakers.





The ability to complete this material will depend on how fast the students learn the material. We want students to fully understand what they are learning so that it can be applied outside the classroom correctly. Therefore, subsequent sessions and continued maintenance will depend on what we are able to get through before the end of the course.


Students are evaluated at the beginning of the course and made aware of their problematic areas. They are reminded of those areas throughout the course.

Teaching methods:

Role-plays, dialogues, translation, completion, text reading and discussion, audio recordings, listening and other activities available to your teacher methodic structure of the course, etc.

Homework and homework check:

Homework is provided every lesson and given 5-10 minutes before the end of the class. Home tasks may vary in dependence on skills being developed. Every lesson begins with check-up of your homework;the typical home assignments for this program will include retelling, text reading and translating, vocabulary study, grammar exercises for completion.

Course Text

Text and other material for the course will be made available before the start of your course. Fees may vary depending on personal learning styles and requirements. Students will be made aware of required text and material upfront.

Progress Test

The progress test is mandatory to check and control the advance. The assignments of the test are obligatory to include business etiquette check by meeting or telephone talk role-play, topic discussion, letter writing.

Final Test:

The Final Exam assumes oral (this may involve discussing, telephone talk role-play, text and writer writing assignments. The exam is credited by points. Every task (oral\written) is marked with max 25 points. If you make a mistake you get one point less. So you seem to succeed if you get not less then 80 points.


At the end of your course you can request the certificate on education. The certificate is awarded to students who complete the program and who don’t possess any financial and other obligations before American Cultural Immersion. To claim the certificate you must succeed in passing the final test.

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