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Accent Reduction Self-Guided Course

American Cultural Immersion provides individuals their own self-guided course where accent independability improvement is preferred. We will provide our clients with the initial and final assessment, a study guide that includes a plan of action, and a variety of resources that will help them reach their goals and ensure success. We develop our course materials and package them for independent studies within a wanted timeframe.

Program Description

Initial Assessment

Our initial assessment is made for our client to read several sentences, read a brief passage and construct a short speaking sample that includes all American/English sounds that utilize the correct intonation and regular speech speed. This test will be recorded, and we will analyze it to identify problems and areas of concern. Results of the initial assessment will be available for our clients shortly after the first meeting, and we will provide a detailed analysis including the severity of his/her problems for English/American Sounds/phonemes, speech speed, and intonation evaluation. A final score will be provided regarding the percentage of American sounds and phonemes the client said correctly during the assessment.

Self-Guided Course Manual

This manual will provide the client with information and guidance for accent improvement when studying by himself/herself.

Informational Powerpoint

This presentation will go step by step in showing our clients common mistakes made while practicing the American/English language and dictation. We provide a variety of examples and comparisons regarding common sounds/phonemes, intonations, and pronunciation.

Three Months Access to Online Resources

This program includes a Username and Password that the client will use to access online homework and resources. The client has three months to work on these homework sessions and is recommended to practice after every lesson.

Follow-up Assessment

We will email the client the instructions to complete the follow-up assessment, which will help the client view his/her progress to help guide them in their future work.

Training Availability

All materials will be sent upon enrollment, which includes the initial assessment reading test, which can be taken at any preferred time.

Program Fees

Fees for this program are $199.00. Clients can pay online, or contact a sales representative via email or phone.

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